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Air Conditioning Questions & Answers and Basic Troubleshooting
Basic Central Air conditioning Troubleshooting
  Six steps to take if Central Air conditioning is not working properly

Sizing an air conditioning system

  When a heating contractor receives a set of plans from a homeowner or builder, the first thing he does is perform a heatgain calculation.
Replace central air conditioner with furnace
  I would like to replace my old inefficient central air conditioner with a new higher efficiency unit. Do I have to also replace my furnace?
Installing Air Conditioning in an addition
  I am building a small addition and need to know how to figure out if my current air conditioner is big enough or not. One contractor says it is and one says it isn’t. How can I tell which is right?
Air Conditioner Freeze Ups
  Why does my air conditioner freeze up sometimes?
Air Conditioner Leaking Water
  There are two categories of problems if there water appears around your inside air conditioning equipment.
13 SEER Air Conditioner Efficiency
  As of January 2006, central air conditioning equipment installed in the U.S. must be 13 SEER.




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